6 Key Questions to Ask When Selecting Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Spark

The most efficient warehouses often rely on pallet racking to maximize return on investment. Why not use every inch of available space to maximize your profitability?

It is possible to select the type of pallet racking that best suits your needs. Depending upon its rated capacity, solid steel decking can handle heavy equipment and inventory weighing thousands of pounds. Wire pallet racks are a cost-effective solution when size rather than weight is a primary consideration.


The Right Pallet Racking

To zero in on the best pallet racking for your facility, consider these six important questions.

1. How Much Floor Space Is Available?

The smaller the footprint of your storage area, the more pallet racking will help you to improve access and increase capacity. Equipment and inventory have a way of spreading out to take up more and more floor space. With pallet racking, it is possible to create aisles that accommodate the turning radius of forklifts and other equipment.

2. How High Is the Ceiling?

Of course, the higher the ceiling, the more space you are going to waste without pallet racks. With pallet racking, height limitations are minimal, since the vertical standards that hold the decking can be securely bolted to the floor. Forklifts, cherry pickers and pallet jacks address varying height requirements.

3. How Frequently Is Access to Stored Items Required?

The right pallet racks provide you with ready access to ever-changing inventory. You can also lessen concerns about both safety and access. Design an “easy-in, easy-out” floor plan that cuts labor costs while better protecting workers. Add accessories to get the most out of your pallet racking. Depending on your specific needs, forklift entry bars, drum cradles, wall ties, dividers, post protectors and other accessories can further improve your warehousing activities.

4. Will You Profit From Increased Bulk Purchases?

High-density storage allows you to take full advantage of bulk purchasing opportunities. Both businesses and consumers are buying in bulk as never before. Embrace this trend by increasing storage capacity with pallet racking. With the right system in place, you’ll quickly load and unload high-volume goods.

Remove the constraints that previously limited inventory expansion. Know that you can store and access increasingly diverse inventory to take advantage of changing market trends and economic conditions.

5. Will a More Efficient Warehouse Improve Your Bottom Line?

Organize your warehouse on a whole new level. Enjoy improved fulfillment times, which enhance customer satisfaction. Also, heavy-duty pallet racks are virtually maintenance-free. Opt for a lean, attractive and efficient warehouse that potentially improves worker morale as well.

6. How Likely Is It That Demand Will Increase?

The extended timeline of additional warehouse construction demands an alternative that you can more quickly deploy. Thanks to its modular design, pallet racking is eminently scalable once you have an updated system in place. Proactively respond to anticipated increases in demand. Be more nimble and responsive than ever.

Simple Installation and Relocation

Pallet rack installation is simple. Once the upright frames are in place, simply insert load-bearing studs into available slots and lock the beams into place. It’s that simple. Shelf relocation is also quick and easy. Remove the studs by tapping the beams upward with a rubber mallet. They’ll readily disengage from the teardrop openings.

Worthwhile Investment

An investment in pallet racks that addresses current and future demand is easy to justify to lenders. During times of relatively low interest rates, it is often possible to calculate an attractive return on investment that impresses all parties with a vested interest in the long-term results.

Pallet racking is both customizable and scalable — it flexes with changing business conditions, both seasonal and long term. Pallet racks increase effective storage capacity with little time and effort. Learn more about the benefits of pallet racking for your warehouse by contacting us today.