High Piled Permitting Specialists

Cato Industrial Racks offers complete project and structure permit services along with turnkey engineering consulting. We can provide reports and analysis to help you make the best decisions on following fire and building codes for your project in the City of Houston, Harris County, or surrounding jurisdictions including Missouri City, Stafford, Sugarland, LaPorte. Our permitting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Calculating Sprinkler Design Density/Area
  • Completing High Piled Combustible Storage Reports and Analyses
  • Conducting Hazardous Materials Analyses
  • Conducting Site Visit and Inspection of Existing Building Conditions
  • Making Professional Recommendations on Permit Requirements
  • Negotiating Code Compliance with City Plan Checkers
  • Offering a Second Opinion on High Pile Reviews
  • Providing Courier Services for Permit Submissions
  • Reviewing Building Site Plan Drawings

At Cato Industrial Racks, we make sure we get your permits right. Other rack companies design a layout based on superficial information, but we at Cato realize you cannot design a rack system unless it is designed around a sprinkler system.

We understand that all racks 8’ and taller that are anchored to the ground require a permit. Cato Industrial Racks is currently the only local firm that includes this permitting service with rack sales

Rack permitting requires more than just a set of plans – we have the right team in place to make sure we get your project done right.

Your rack layout can affect your certificate of occupancy – depending on the commodities you store, you may be considered a new occupancy after installing your rack. Our racking and permitting specialist can help determine what you need.

We have in-house design, CAD, and engineering capabilities and can help you obtain your permit faster and more cost effectively than you would if going it alone. Don’t be intimidated by the building or fire departments; let Cato handle them for you. Our specialists pride themselves on staying up to date with code changes, so you can be confident in getting your project approved and signed off.

Need help with high piled storage approval? Call a permitting specialist at 832-447-1276 or fill out our form.