We are a family owned business in Houston, TX that believes that honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the bedrock of a great company.

Why We Started Cato Industrial Rack Company

It started with wanting to provide better customer service and satisfaction. We saw that many warehouses were ordering and installing racks that were not the best solutions or were having to be redone due to regulations issues that weren’t in consideration by the other rack companies. It was costing them money and time.

“We knew we could do better”

Test Title 1We knew that if we looked at the sale of industrial racks from a holistic and strategic level that we could provide a solution that would provide better warehouse rack solutions.

Because we approach rack sales from an occupancy vs order taking perspective, we are able to identify, at the beginning of the transaction, any potential issues that may arise from local jurisdiction’s permitting requirements and the building’s ability to protect that storage arrangement.

It just makes sense that if you need to order racks and industrial shelving you should be able to call one place and ensure that you’re buying quality materials that fit your warehousing needs.

Cato Industrial Rack Company was founded in 2011 by Chris Cato and David Kalinec.