How to Select the Correct Pallet System for Your Warehouse

A pallet system can maximize warehouse space efficiently, making it a cost effective way of storage. However, getting it right is vital, particularly from a safety perspective but also so you make the most of the space you have available.

The pallet systems you should choose depend on what type of loads you are storing, how frequently you’ll be accessing them, and how much you want to spend. Calling in a professional is the best way to ensure you select the optimal pallet system for your needs. A company that has expertise in designing pallet storage for warehouses can help you ensure you maximize space and will offer solutions to improve efficiency.

Here’s how to select the correct pallet system for your warehouse.

Pallet Flow Rack System

These systems work on a gravity roller mechanism with pallets rolling forward once one is moved. They are ideal for use where there are time-limited or perishable goods. Although they allow for high-density storage, the pallets are not easily accessed, so they would be inappropriate for goods that need to be selected regularly.

Selective Pallet Racks

The selective pallet racks are ideal for storing goods that need to be accessed quickly and regularly, such as in online retail. These pallets operate on a cross-bar rack system with shelves where pallets can be stored at various levels. This system has a lower density than others, but its advantage is that items can be reached simultaneously.

Drive-in Systems

Drive-in racks operate on a last-in first-out system. They operate by a forklift truck loading the items to the correct height on a rack. This system is ideal for storing large quantities of the same product and is high density because the need for aisles is eliminated. One of the disadvantages is that racks can get damaged due to forklifts driving around them when loading and unloading goods.

Push-back Racks

The push-back rack system also operates on a last-in first-out mechanism. Pallets are loaded onto the racking system and slowly pushed forward on rollers to the picking area. These are also high-density systems and ideally suited to a warehouse requiring access to multiple items simultaneously. However, not all the items can be accessed within the dense storage system, as it operates on the roll-forward mechanism.

Cantilever Racks

If you are storing bulky items such as furniture or piping, a cantilever pallet system could be a solution. This system operates by customizing arms to store various goods and enabling easy access. This system does not require uprights and can be adapted to suit the nature of the item being stored such as decking heights and shelving.

Floor Stacking

Floor stacking is the most basic of pallet systems and involves a series of pallets covering a floor space with items stacked on them. This is ideal for heavy items and they can also be packed densely in a warehouse.

Pallet systems are varied and designed to suit the needs of the warehouse and goods being stored. You’ll need to think both short- and long-term for your warehouse business when selecting the correct system for storing your goods. Get the right system into your business and you’ll see productivity and efficiency improve, and the storage space maximizing profit for your company.